Our goal

Our goal is to validate the LVO-Check tool, an algorithm capable of differentiating ischemic strokes with large vessel occlusion from those that are not, whether they are ischemic strokes without large vessel occlusion, hemorrhagic or mimics. In this way, the efficacy of the algorithm (determination of biomarkers through a POC device together with different neurological scales and simple clinical variables) as well as the ability to carry it out prehospital will be assessed.

Who can participate in the study?

Patients over 18 years of age, in whom the stroke code has been activated, and no more than 6 hours have passed since the onset of symptoms.

Inclusion criteria

  • I1: Patients > 18 years.
  • I2: Stroke code activated.
  • I3: Time from the onset of symptoms < 6 hours. In the case of strokes with uncertain timeline or awakening stroke, we will consider the last time patient was seen well, as the onset of symptoms.

Exclusion criteria

  • E1: Previous diagnosis different to the stroke one.
  • E2: Impossibility of obtaining a blood sample.
  • E3: Refusal by the patient or family members to participate in the study or to grant informed consent.

How can I participate in the study…

...as a patient?


 Although today the patient will not receive a direct benefit from the study, these values will serve to establish the basis in which the test will be put into operation in the future.If you suffer a stroke in Seville and the ambulance that is attending you participate in the study, you will be informed about the project. Once the informed consent has been signed, they will take an extra tube of blood, which will be used to measure the levels of biomarkers.

...as a hospital/researcher?


BIOFAST2 takes place at the Virgen Macarena, Virgen del Rocío and Reina Sofía Hospitals in Córdoba. The participating ambulance network includes DCCU and EPES. If you are a healthcare professional representing a hospital or ambulance network in a certain district not included in BIOFAST2 and you are interested in participating in the study, contact us.