What do you know about stroke?

Stroke, or more commonly known as brain infarct, is a cerebrovascular disease. It occurs when there is a rupture or blockage in a blood vessel, reducing the blood supply to the brain and preventing brain tissue from getting oxygen. As a consequence the nerve cells stop working/die in minutes.

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And what impact would it have...

...to treat patients before arriving at the hospital?
A quick and simple blood test would be able to identify a stroke, as well as its typology. Furthermore, in case this is an ischemic one, the treatment can be started in the ambulance.
This leads to:
  • Double the chance of being asymptomatic
  • Tripling the possibility of independence
  • Quadruple the chance of survival
About Biofast

What is the main objective?

Our aim is to develop a point-of-care (POC) device to validate a panel of biomarkers that differentiate ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke using a blood sample.

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